Mobile Web Design

These days everything is mobile, and that really does mean everything. Mobile technology is taking the world by storm, and likewise mobile marketing is shooting up in popularity. While it used to be only for larger corporations, businesses of all sizes are realizing they’d better get on board. From mobile coupons you can scan with your smartphone to massive text campaigns enticing customers to respond on the fly, the sky is the limit in this new world of marketing.

There are several options, but the most important thing is that by taking advantage of the ever growing trends of text messaging and accessing the internet by phone, you can increase your marketing power by massive proportions.

And if that’s not enough to convince you to consider adding mobile to your marketing mix…

  • A mobile website makes it easier for “On the go” visitors to easily find your business and contact you with one-click calling, one-click email, and instant directions. This eliminates the need for your customers to take “extra steps” in order to contact or visit your business.
  • When users are successful in finding what they need while visiting a mobile website, they’re more likely to come back. When mobile users land on a non-mobile-friendly site that’s all distorted, they quickly exit and make a mental note never to return.
  • Your mobile site will have the advantage of coming up higher in search engine results for local searches. When people search for your type of product or service using their mobile device, you can show up higher in the results just because you have a mobile website.
  • Gives you the advantage over your competitors; most of which are not even leveraging the powerful benefits of mobile marketing.
  • It is easy to track your mobile success with measurable reporting and analytic tools available with most mobile platforms. Simply track your visitors and make improvements where necessary.

But there’s a Caveat to this new marketing medium

You need to know that mobile is not effective by itself; it’s most effective when integrated with your existing marketing tactics and used as a mechanism to engage consumers in your traditional marketing efforts. That’s where Anchor Marketing comes in. We’ll augment your traditional efforts by adding a number of mobile services to help you maximize sales and lead capture, including:

  • Mobile website design, hosting and maintenance
  • SMS/text messaging
  • QR codes
  • Smartphone apps

We recommend, that at the very least, businesses start with a mobile website

A mobile website is a mini version of your main website that loads automatically wen a visitor views your site on a  mobile phone. If the visitor views your website on their iPad, tablet, or computer, your full-version website will load instead.

We model your mobile website after your main website to stay consistent in branding, design and tone. Here are a few items that are important to include in a mobile site:

  • Sample sitemap, such as Home, Products/Services, Directions, Contact
  • Click-to-call technology
  • Ability for your visitor to view the full version of your website from a mobile device

With all of the available mobile marketing options, it really is a marketing crime not to put mobile technology to good use in your business. At Anchor Marketing we can organize and execute a flawless text or other mobile advertising campaign that meets all the criteria for success. There is no need to stress over how to get started, as we handle it all for you from start to finish.