Strategic Sales Writing

Since it costs the same to place an ad, send a mailer, or blast a marketing email with so-so messaging as it does with attention-grabbing, sales-generating copy—your payoff from working with direct-response specialists can be enormous.

Think back to the last advertisement or marketing piece that you created for your company. What was it—a brochure, a website, a print ad, a radio spot? Now here’s the question—how much money did you pay to have the content of that advertisement strategically created and formulated to ensure maximum results?

You paid nothing, right? That’s what I thought. I suspect that 99.9% of the time, you only paid to have the advertisement produced or designed, or you paid for the spots or “airtime.” The content was usually just thrown together by the designer, the production team, or the salesperson! Think about it, the most important part of your marketing material—that is, the content and message—was put together for free by people who usually have no idea how to create good messaging anyway.

Do you REALLY want your expensive ads created by a rep who was slinging hash for a living just last week?

In most cases, ad sales reps are hired right off of the street, and given a script to parrot. They have NO understanding of how to craft messaging and design that actually sell. They only know how to copy what’s being done already—incorrectly, I might add.

Have you ever heard the saying, “you get what you pay for?” Well, I hate to tell you this, but if you’ve never paid anybody to create the actual message or content for your advertising campaigns, then you got what you paid for.

The message is the foundation for great marketing results, NOT the medium

So here’s the point—when you think of marketing, you need to start thinking about your message. You need to think about what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. When you think of marketing, don’t think of mediums anymore—think of messaging.

Only once you have the right message should you start considering which mediums will work best for the message, and your marketing goals.

We don’t gamble with your money on what we THINK is good advertising

If you’re looking for skillful copy to ignite your marketing campaigns, launch response-boosting strategies and rocket your sales, relax, your search is over. At Anchor Marketing we create marketing content using our proprietary Strategic Messaging Formula™.

Our scientifically-based approach focuses on human nature and buying decisions that, when properly executed, causes your prospects and clients to come to this conclusion: “I’d have to be an absolute fool to work with anyone else but you—no matter the price.”

This makes us unique among Billings marketing and advertising firms, because we don’t focus on the latest trends, we don’t parrot what everyone else is doing, we don’t leave your marketing to chance in a crapshoot with a dozen other competitors on the page.

Finally, you can have a marketing system that actually
gets attention and gets results … GUARANTEED!

If you’re sick and tired of throwing good money after bad on radio, the yellow pages, the Internet, newspapers and more … I urge you to call us for a FREE Marketing Leverage Analysis. Now, don’t worry about this turning out to be just another sales call for this ad and that ad.

During this 35-minute analysis, we’ll review your existing marketing materials and strategies and learn what your marketing goals are. This information will go back to our main office where on of our Marketing Consultants will analyze all the gaps and missed opportunities in your current marketing program. You’ll also be shown where opportunites with “Marketing Leverage” exist and how you can take advantage of them.

Call Toll-Free: 855-624-6290, or Locally: 406-628-7178 for your Marketing Leverage analysis now, or request through email.