Mobile marketing graphic 225x225If businesses haven’t felt a pressing need to optimize their websites for mobile search thus far, perhaps this announcement from Google will change their minds…

In an article for Business Insider, Kevin Parrish reported that during the 2012 Open Mobile Summit, several Google reps announced that the company will focus primarily on mobile, rather than desktop, search and that Google now considers itself a “mobile first” company.

Google’s mobile morph

Not to just be an online entity, Google branched out from its search engine roots to build its own mobile platform with Android and Google Play. This platform has taken control of the smartphone market, and is challenging Apple’s iPad through Google’s own Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, and other Android-based tablets. Because of this, it’s understandable why the search engine giant is now making mobile a priority.

During the presentation, Steiber said that mobile will be the primary way people will access Google and its many services. Backing that up, mobile searches have reportedly increased 200-percent to date in 2012.

The Google trio also revealed that 25-percent of YouTube traffic and 40-percent of YouTube views now stem from mobile devices, a 300-percent increase in 2012, they said. Varela added that total mobile traffic to YouTube could soon surpass 50-percent as seen in Korea.


For further information on this announcement, see this article.


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