Google iconSo, how helpful do you think it would be for someone searching Google for B&Bs in Albuquerque if all the B&Bs appeared in a section by themselves instead of being lumped in with hotels, big online booking sites, directories, and the myriad of other listings on a search page?

Or if someone searched for a hunting lodge in Alberta or a guest ranch in Wyoming, there would be a section that only listed actual lodge and guest ranch websites apart from any other hunting- or horseback-related sites?

Well, it looks like that capability is upon us with the Google search engine adding high-level categorization to its results.

The new search capability is scheduled to roll out to some US users as early as Wednesday this week, according to an article by Doug Gross at CNNTech (

Google search engine adding high-level categorization

So, let’s say you’re doing a Google search for “Kings.” Did you mean the L.A. hockey team or the Sacramento basketball team? Maybe the TV show? Or maybe you actually wanted to know something about monarchs.

Google on Wednesday announced Knowledge Graph, a significant change to how search results are delivered that the company believes will make their search engine think more like a human.

“The web pages we [currently] return for the search ‘kings,’ they’re all good,” Jack Menzel, director of product management at Google, told CNN in an interview. “You, as a human, associate those words with their real-world meaning but, for a computer, they’re just a random string of characters.”

With Knowledge Graph, which will begin rolling out to some users immediately, results will be arranged according to categories with which the search term has been associated. So, in the above example, boxes will appear with separate results for the hockey team, basketball team and TV show.

The user can then click on one of those boxes to only get results for the specific topic they were searching.

“It hones your search results right in on the task that you’re after,” Menzel said.

With theĀ Google search engine adding high-level categorization it can only mean better opportunities for specialty lodging businesses to be found on search pages. So, if you haven’t been optimizing your website for search, now’s the time to get it up to speed.

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