How to use QR codes for lodge marketing, inn marketing or guest ranch marketing

Make easy QR codes for lodge marketing and inn marketingIf you haven’t yet considered using QR codes (Quick Response Codes) in your lodge marketing campaigns, let me share a little story with you.

Last year a Korean grocery chain wanted to do a better job of competiting against their main competitor (which just happened to be the #1 grocer in Korea). However, this chain didn’t want to increase their marketing budget to do it, so they decided to try marketing with QR codes.

Turns out, these little symbols LAUNCHED this chain into #1 in the country — far ahead of their competitor — in under a year.

How could a little symbol do that you ask?

Please allow me to elaborate. 🙂

Subways are a major source of transportation in Korea, so the grocery chain pasted giant posters with pictures of all their products on subway station walls. Passengers can take pictures of the items they want with their smartphones. Once photographed, the QR codes open an order page where people can place orders for whichever products they want, in the quantitities they want. They can also pay for the groceries right there, through their phones.

So now, busy people no longer have to take extra time out of their day to shop for groceries. They can shop in the subway stations while they’re waiting for their trains.

But the grocery chain hasn’t stopped there. The campaign worked so well with “subway” shopping, the chain ratcheted it up another notch. Now they’re putting the posters up in office buildings, so people can shop on their coffee breaks or lunch hours without ever leaving the building.

VERY slick, VERY smart.

Here’s an article at the SEO optimize blog explaining how to create and track QR codes.

So, how can you use QR codes in your lodge marketing
or inn marketing campaigns?

  1. Put them on all of your print materials, including brochures, maps, etc.
  2. Put them in yellow pages and other print ads
  3. Print them on t-shirts and other promotional items you give away at special events and functions
  4. Use them on trade show materials. Create a special, limited time offer that’s only good during the trade show, then print the QR codes on booth posters, announcements you send to clients about the trade show and any other giveaways you’re providing during the event
  5. Now… spend some thinking outside the box for ways to use them—like the Korean grocery chain did

While QR codes haven’t yet taken hold in the US quite as strongly as they have in Asia, they are making fast inroads. That’s because they provide a quick and creative way to integrate offline and online marketing programs. They can be used on anything that can be printed, and in digital media too.

Are you using QR codes for your guest ranch, B&B inn, or sporting lodge marketing campaigns? Let’s talk about it.

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