Social Media for Inn Marketing and Lodge Marketing

Twitter icon, social media for inn marketing and lodge marketingIn a recent article in TripWire Magazine, writer Tara Horner, provides essential tips for social media inn marketing and lodge marketing. While not written specifically for lodges, guest ranches or B&B hospitality businesses, the principles apply just as well.

All in all, this is a well-written, helpful article. However, I do have to disagree with the writer’s assessment that social media can be a great marketing tool because it’s “free”.

Not only is social media marketing not FREE, the costs associated with it can be significant if not approached properly.

When all is said and done, social media marketing is going to cost you in one of two ways: either in time, or in money.

If you try to manage your own social media marketing, plan to invest a significant amount of time into it—that is if you want to do it right and actually see increased sales from it.

If you don’t want to invest your own time, you’ll need to hire someone else (either an employee or consultant) to handle it for you and that’s going to cost you money.

That being said, this article provides an excellent starting point for social media inn marketing and lodge marketing

One of the keys to building a business is through the use of advanced social media marketing tactics. Unlike traditional marketing techniques, such as postcards or print ads, social media does not have to cost a penny, thus increasing your chances of a high return of investment. Anyone can set up a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and a Google+ page for his business. Using these effectively however is an entirely different story.

Advanced social media marketing goes beyond the obligatory account setup and occasional posting. It means connecting both with people and leveraging the latest technologies, like search engine optimization, to get the most out of every post or update. With that in mind, here are some ways to take your social media marketing to the next level…

…you should integrate online and offline marketing so that your social media addresses will become as known as your company name. On business cards, postcards, in magazine ads, and even on billboards, include your Twitter name or mention your Facebook name. To really push your social media accounts, consider a Quick Response code that leads to your social media account, especially if the print media is advertising a contest or other event, relevant topics to your social media page.

Get involved in social media on a local level by adding your permanent business address to Google Maps and yellow page sites. It will increase your likelihood of being found much more quickly through search engines. How does this relate to your social media sites? People share and comment on map locations. Your Facebook page can include your Google map location. FourSquare is another example of where maps can be useful as people socialize by checking into locations and sharing on other social media sites. If you’re location isn’t listed, you’ll be missed out!

I included this last paragraph in this excerpt because even though your sporting lodge, outfitting business, B & B, or guest ranch needs to reach a national audience, having a presence in Google Places, and local and mobile directories will lend an air of credibility and solidity that’s of paramount important for website visitors who do not yet know you.

See the original article for the rest of the tips.

Which social media inn marketing and lodge marketing techniques are you using now? How have they helped, or hindered, your marketing efforts?

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